Sep 27

October is Disabilities Awareness Month

In honor of October being “Disabilities Awareness Month” this year at Driver Elementary we will be:


  • displaying an array of words written the way a person with dyslexia would view them.  This will promote conversation, letter recognition, and communication.

  •  setting up a program to utilize wheel chairs. Ms. Woods has once again graciously offered to come in and demonstrate how people who live without the use of their legs adapt. She will demonstrate using a wheel chair, and hand chair, and allow our students to try them out (with assistance). This will promote exercise, understanding, and interaction between all the kids.

  • providing teachers with biographical information about famous individuals who have a disability. Teachers will be able to include this information in their weekly newsletters and/or on their class/grade level blog. Websites with additional information will also be shared to promote discussion at home.



At the PTA/ Open house on Thursday, Oct. 5th. @ 6 p.m. we will have:

  • a Sign Language Interpreter to sign the meeting.

  • on display at the PTA table “Disability Awareness” bookmarks & stickers available for each child in attendance to the PTA/Open House.

  • a “Disability Awareness” table accessible to all parents and students to learn about disabilities, test out braille, sensory gloves, and have an eye mask that mimics being blind to try out as well. We are hoping this promotes discussion at school and at home.

  • Local Restaurant Menu’s  written in braille and with just pictures on display.